The mobile conference app that helps you create a more memorable and engaging experience for your attendees.

HEPCon is a mobile app designed to improve your Indico event user experience.

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HEPCon app

Some screenshots

We like to keep the interface simple.

HEPCon screenshots HEPCon screenshots HEPCon screenshots HEPCon screenshots HEPCon screenshots

Our Services

Join hundreds of satisfied attendees using our mobile app.

Create an event fast

Provide us with your Indico event details and we will create a HEPCon event. We offer extensive support.

Don't have Indico?

Don'y worry! We can setup an Indico event in our hosted solution. We will handle all the technical details.

Just a user?

You can browse ANY public Indico event with HEPCon as a regular user and have its power right into your pocket.


We are so excited and proud of our product. It's really easy to use it and have all the important event information right into your pocket.

Auto Synchronization

Whenever you make a change in your Indico event it would appear in HEPCon.

Realtime moderation

Handle real time delays and late cancellations.

Works Offline

You can easily download the data once and have it when offline.

Push notifications

Your messages to the attendees will always be read.


Chats, private inbox, presentation comments, polls, you name it


Leaving feedback and voting is done with ease.

Social media

Share talks, events, and other information from the app.


View maps of the venue, locate talks, events, and exhibitors.

Custom Branding

Customize the logo, color scheme, other elements.

How to start?

Creating a Featured Event is a few clicks away.

Step 1

You provide us with the key details about your event – link to Indico event, committees, etc.

Step 2

We import the above information in our system.

Step 3

You are ready to rock.

They trusted us

We already have experience with big High-Energy Physics conferences.

Quark Matter 2023 EPS HEP 2023 SUSY 2023 LHCP 2023 CHEP 2023 HP 2023 ICHEP 2022 CHEP 2019 ACAT 2019 CHEP 2018 TOP 2018 LHCP 2018

Available on iOS and Android

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HEPCon app


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